11th India International Gold Convention on 12-14 Sept 2014 at JW Marriott Pune. Concluded Successfully...
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Demand of gold is expected to return in India as festival season is around the corner. World Gold Council has observed that investment demand has come down by 62% on y-o-y basis in the first half of this year. But industry is expecting demand will rise owing to series of festivals and start of marriage season. At present, people are buying only the required quantity for marriage, there is hardly any investment demand. Equity market has been very strong this year and this precisely might be the reason that investors are not interested to accumulate gold at this point of time. However, monsoon is not up to the mark this year and so, demand from rural India might be lower than usual.
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Gold 1236.50 1236.00
Silver - 18.63
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Palladium 844.00 842.00
RBI Reference Rate 60.95 INR/USD
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