11th India International Gold Convention on 12-14 Sept 2014 at JW Marriott Pune. Concluded Successfully...
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The current low price of gold suggests that there is sense of tentativeness amongst investors to bet on gold as safe haven. As US economy is expanding and there is no political concern which could destabilise the financial market, investors are in no hurry to respond to gold's safe-haven appeal that existed all through last decade. Demand from India and China has also slowed down. Though demand is expected to go up in India as festival season will kick start shortly, it appears that overall demand for the yellow will remain markedly low and therefore, price is expected to remain at lower band in the short term. Technically, $1200/oz will continue to remain as strong support but below this level, selling may emerge.
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Live Prices - 30 Sep 14
London Fix ($/oz)
Gold 1210.00 1216.50
Silver - 17.11
London PGM Price ($/oz)
Platinum 1307.00 1300.00
Palladium 786.00 775.00
RBI Reference Rate 61.61 INR/USD
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