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What is the workshop about?

Government of India recently launched four schemes broadly aimed at financialization of gold in India. Gold Monetization Scheme (GMS), the most important one of the four, aims at bringing out a portion of the gold held by households, temples and trusts and institutions. The government has identified three primary stakeholders banks, Collection and purity testing centers (CPTCs), and refiners- to run the scheme. However, enough provisions have been put forth to include other stakeholders in the scheme, directly or indirectly. The developments have resulted in tremendous positivity amongst the stakeholders as there is an opportunity to put a viable and sustainable business that addresses the needs of consumers, jewelers as well as the government.

Why is the workshop?

As with any structural change in the market, GMS is bound to experience initial hiccups and glitches. There would be operational, procedural, tax-related, governance related or investment related challenges along the way. That is precisely the reason for stakeholders to get together and deliberate and collectively represent the issues confronted by them to the policy makers for remedial actions. Besides, coming together would also enable participants to learn from each other and seek new partnerships.

Who would attend the workshop?

The workshop, designed as a two-day format, expects commercial banks, CPTCs and refiners as well as jewelers, commodity / stock exchanges, logistic service providers, NBFCs, Hallmarking centers, Gold loan companies, microfinance institutions and government bodies to participate and benefit.