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Indonesia:Once flat, Antam's gold price edged up today

21 October 2020


The price of gold produced by Antam is traded at the level of Rp 1,012,000 per gram on Wednesday's trade (21/10). This figure is an increase of Rp 4,000 from the trading price on Tuesday (20/10) yesterday. Previously, for three consecutive days, Antam's gold price was flat at Rp. 1.008 million per gram.


Slowly, the price of gold has indeed begun to leave its highest level recorded on August 7, at Rp. 1.065 million. The price of gold began to break through the one million rupiah level at the end of last August.


The slight increase in the price of gold in the domestic market is also in line with the world gold price. Gold prices rose after the US dollar exchange rate weakened. The increase in the price of gold was also driven by the economic stimulus that was being prepared for the presidential election.



The spot price of gold rose 0.3 percent in trading Wednesday (21/10) to 1,912.11 US dollars per troi ounce. Meanwhile, the price of gold futures was traded at the level of 1,916.40 US dollars per troi ounce.


Meanwhile, Antam's gold buyback price rose Rp 5,000 to Rp 906,000 per gram. The selling price and the buyback price displayed in this news are the official prices at the Pulo Gadung Jakarta Precious Metal Gold Boutique, quoted from the official website.


Gold is known as a safe haven or the safest investment instrument. However, it should be understood that if you are interested in investing in gold, aim for the long term. Because gold has a high difference between the selling price and the buyback. Like today, there is a difference of Rp. 106,000 per gram between the sale and purchase price.


The following is a list of Antam's gold bullion prices by weight:


0.5 grams: IDR 534,000


1 gram: IDR 1,012,000


2 grams: IDR 1,964,000


3 grams: Rp. 2,921,000


5 grams: IDR 4,840,000


10 grams: IDR 9,615,000


25 grams: IDR 23,912,000


50 grams: IDR 47,745,000


100 grams: IDR 95,012,000


250 grams: IDR 238,265,000


500 grams: IDR 476,320,000


1 kg: IDR 952,600,000